How to Get Her Back

Men are not always the brightest of creatures. We get our hands on a good woman who treats us right, and we take her for granted. A few months later when she is sick of our crap she flies the coup, and we are left wondering how to get her back.

There is an infinite number of reasons a girl might decide to call it quits, but nine times out of ten it is something her boyfriend did or did not do that is the main problem. If you have recently been dumped and are trying to figure out how to get her back, this article will provide a few gems of good advice.

Get Serious

Casual relationships may be fine for the first couple months of dating, but after a while women want to know that they mean something to the guy they are with. You may think she is absolutely wonderful, but if you do not make your feelings clear, she may never know it. Men often wait until it is too late to share their true feelings, and telling her you love her as she walks out the door is never the best strategy.

If your girl dumps you because she feels undervalued, it is up to you to convince her that your actions did not represent your true feelings. Lip service will not do it here she has to feel that you are really telling the truth.

Grow Up

If you are moping around the house wondering how to get her back, you may want to start by looking in the mirror. Were you really a good boyfriend? Did you make her feel loved and cherished? Did you ignore her when your friends were around?

When it comes time to reconcile you will have to own up to any behaviors of yours that led to the breakup. You may not agree with everything she is blaming you for, but you must hear her out and take her seriously if you want to convince her you are willing to change and to work things out. It is time to act like a man and take responsibility for your shortcomings in the relationship.

Do Some Soul Searching

You may feel desperate to learn how to get her back, but are you sure it is what you really want? If you are just afraid of letting her go and being alone, your pleas to give it another chance will come off as insincere, and she will not buy it. Make sure you are trying to reconcile for the right reasons, and that you are actually willing to change your ways and try harder to make her happy. If you are not willing to do this you are wasting her time and your own.

You can learn how to get her back from 100 relationship gurus, but until you are ready to put your money where your mouth is and convince her you are sincere your chances will remain slim. It is time to be a man and step up to the plate.