The Lost Ways Review

The Lost Ways book refers to a survival program designed by Claude Davis that primarily focuses on the best practices that one can apply in a number disastrous situations. Diane Hackett, who is a survival specialist, has also contributed a lot toward the development of this program. It is aimed at preparing people to deal with the worst-case scenarios characterized by diminished resources. The program tries to achieve this objective by explaining how our forefathers managed to survive despite the fact that that they lacked the many conveniences of modern times such as electricity, cars, cell phones.

Who is the creator?

The program was designed by Claude Davis who may have been little known before the creation of this program, but we can be sure he will attract all sorts of attention now. He attributes his inspiration to create this program from the fact that the world is slowly drifting into a crisis. He points out a few examples of current events and remarks that in as much as man is growing in knowledge; the challenges are becoming harder for him to deal with. He therefore needs to adopt a survivalist approach as he will surely be caught unawares in situations he cannot overcome.

What can be learned from the program?

The program contains some very useful tips on how one can survive in perilous situations without the availability of modern technology. It teaches people some of the following essential survival techniques:

  • How to survive after running out of modern ammunition, weapons, or equipment.
  • How one can store nutritious food by using natural ingredients only.
  • Methods of preserving clean water for a considerable amount of time.
  • Learn how Native Americans have been building spacious underground houses.
  • How to create effective animal traps in order to catch wild animals, including boars and deer, during winter.
  • How one can prepare poultices while using all-natural products only.

What are some of the advantages of buying and reading this Book?

Some of the advantages include:

  • Helping people gain a lot on knowledge on how they can survive various natural disasters.
  • Teaching people how to keep their families safe during disasters.
  • How one can help other people effectively during natural calamities.
  • Educating people how to reduce costs, thus saving as lot which would otherwise be used on food and maintenance in their everyday life.

What are core teachings contained in the book?

The Lost Ways Survival book specifically focuses on three main areas, including:

  1. How one can get ready and prepared in case of a major disaster,
  2. How one can take proactive measures in case of a calamity, thus minimizing losses.
  3. Self-preserving skills: These skills mainly focus on vital information on how one can survive the after-effects of a disaster.


  • The program can be bought online in digital format or in print form.
  • It has wide applications in everyday life.
  • It comes with various bonuses, including information on what survivalists should grow in their back gardens, among others.
  • It comes with 60-days a money guarantee.


  • The program is detailed and therefore people take a lot of time to read and understand the contents.

The Lost Ways Review Conclusion

The Lost Ways by Claude Davis is a worthwhile program to buy because it contain a lot of useful information that can help people in times of disasters. It also contains tips on how people can save money on food and maintenance in their everyday life.

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