The Psystrology Method Review

In the Psystrology Method review we will examine a program developed by Felicity Keith, that aims to make every area of your life easier through a set of spiritual and psychological tools. The method is meant for women who want to become self-independent, satisfied, liberated, and completely in touch with themselves. This program combines the science of psychology and wisdom of spirituality to guide you through everyday situations, in which you might otherwise be lost and alone.

This program aims to bring success to your personal and professional life and help realize your full potential. According to Felicity Keith, this method that will imbue you with the knowledge necessary to get rid of daily negativity, harmful expectations, sadness, and put your life in complete harmony.

How does the method work?

By using the Psystrology Method, you will get an opportunity to regain your confidence and bring your life back on track. A few highlighted techniques that are included in this program are:

Cosmic Compassion Technique: By demystifying the secrets of the universe, this method will help you to deal with serious situations or people that you encounter in work or your private life. It focuses on creating compassion or empathy among other people through simple words and actions and have them under your spell within minutes! Yes, this is not a joke.

The Superwoman Effect: Let’s face it, being a woman in a man’s world is not an easy job. You may think of yourself as a superwoman, but there are times when you fall short of your goals and feel like never getting back up. The Psystrology Method helps you to analyze negative thoughts critically and gives you the self-confidence to live for yourself and not anyone else.psystrology method

The People Pleaser’s Curse: If you have often struggled to say “No” to a request or a demand then the chances are that you have low self-esteem and poor sense of boundary. Through this technique, you will learn how to make your mind not feel guilt or shame after saying No to someone.


When you purchase program, you will get three bonus packages:

Destiny Man: This is a guidebook containing a list of simple questions that you can ask any man to find if he’s your soulmate. It will help you to channel your energy in right people and not waste time on those who are just not meant to be your partner for life.

Celestial Cash Calendar: Maximize your chances of making the right financial decisions and gain wealth in the easiest way possible. It tells you about the days in a month when you should make the decisions and put a stop to worries of making wrong choices.

99 affirmations for wealth, health, and love: This guide contains 99 magical affirmations that you can run through your mind, at any time of the day, to reinforce yourself with positive thoughts. Achieve the success you are destined to get using this guide.


  • This program combines the best of science and spirituality
  • Tested to be effective for people of all ages
  • Great bonus features that give complete value for money
  • 60-day money back guarantee


  • Not available in stores in paperback. You can only download it as an eBook to your PC, Kindle, iPad, Samsung and other eReader devices.


Life is bound to get complicated as we grow older. Sure, facing new challenges gives us the opportunity to grow as individuals and become a better person than we are today, but what if these difficulties could be made easier? What if we could move the proverbial mountain and achieve success in all fields without compromising on our quality of life? The Psystrology Method is here to simplify your life and bring joy like you have never experienced before. It is the program you need, if you wish to take back control of your life and establish yourself as a confident, happier and more successful woman.

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